Rockett Platform

My biggest project so far, a drag an drop website creator and editor. Allows the user to edit responsive website on real time through Image, Text, Title and Map modules. Offers advanced SEO options, favicon and Google Analytics integration.

The greatest challenge on this project was to find a balance between simplicity and editing options, to offer a customizable system but easy to use solution to build attractive websites.


AngularJS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Boostrap CSS

Firefox Bug

Submitted a pull request for a bug that printed CSS pseudo-elements separated by a single ":" instead of the double "::". The fix was merged to Firefox 36 branch (2013).


Firefox, C++, Open source, Tests, CSS, Mercurial

Meetup Data Mining

Mined data from Meetup social network. I collected a sample of approximately 4 million unique users and 17,000 groups on the social network in 2015. 

After collecting the data, I analysed the data from the configured Complex Network using clustering index, counting connected components and average distance between nodes on the network.


Python, Scrapy, Meetup, API, Crawler

Della Monica Website

Created a website using Wordpress with an easy to maintain structure. Adjusted several CSS and performed changes on the templates' code to fix bugs encountered. Released in 2017.


Wordpress, Wordpress Plugin

Instagram Data Mining

Mined data from Meetup social network. I collected a sample of approximately 4 million public posts for specific tags the social network in 2017.

After collecting the data, I processed the data to detect the country of each post and counted the occurrence of each tag for each country, as part of a Master's thesis.


Python, Scrapy, Instagram, API, Crawler, Node.js

UpFish Dashboard

Dashboard using AngularJS and Firebase for managing psiculture tanks with real time updates and notifications. Released in 2017.


AngularJS, Firebase Database, AngularFire

Android App for Multinational Company

Responsible for negotiating and writing the largest percentage of the code base for the Android application that performed statistical analysis of a production line in 2013.

The app's features included importing and exporting data using Excel spreadsheets, local database persistence and camera usage.


Android, Excel, Descriptive Statistics

Urna Fighter Combat

Alongside Projeto Brasil's team, we worked to provide a way where the brazilian society could be more participative on the country’s democracy processes.

We created an open source blind test and a game for analyzing the 2014 presidential candidates' proposals that had great positive media impact.


AngularJS, CSS, Game